We believe it is our job to provide exceptional service for the full scope of work we are retained for beginning to end. Our staff provides the information you need to be successful on the first try and guidance through the duration of the project. At JDSI, we strive to be engineers and inspectors that you want to see at the job site, because we are there to help you perform, not make your job more difficult. As contractors, so often you do not get to choose your engineer or inspector, but that is what you are doing when you come to us, and our team will work hard to make you happy with that decision!

JDSI has built a team that values communication, education, integrity, and dependability. We never want our clients to be caught by surprise and will do all we can to make sure you have the information you need to succeed. To do this in the ever-evolving construction industry, we are always taking advantage of learning opportunities and make ourselves available to pass that knowledge on to our clients when they need it. When you have a question, you should be able to get in touch with the expert you’ve hired. With JDSI, you can.

With our long history in the industry and the region, we have developed excellent relationships with some of the best and most respected individuals and companies in the field. We regularly work hand in hand with incredible architects, designers, home builders, roofers, and so many more!

If you need any more convincing about choosing us, look no further than our reputation. That’s right, just ask around. We work hard to provide a service that people are happy with and are proud to have done that for so many companies. We are confident that those we have worked with, will recommend working with us, and would choose to work with us again.

Mission Statement

At JDSI, we use our expertise in multiple disciplines to create high-quality, impactful design solutions that meet clients’ needs and improve experiences. We aim to design solutions that make a meaningful difference through innovative yet practical thinking. JDSI uses a client centered approach to provide services in an effective manor to keep you project on schedule.

What Our Customers Say

Testimonial 1

JDSI has been my go-to for windstorm inspections for my clients for nearly a decade. From complex projects like the Galveston Convention Center, to multiple hotels, apartments, shopping centers or municipal buildings their professionalism, attention and prompt service is second to none.

Ian Wilson, President Market Makers, Inc.

Testimonial 2

My partner and I have been using JDSI for all our structural engineering and windstorm needs for 7 years. We have used Mr. Deaver and his team for additions, remodels with structural changes, new porches and decks and roofs, and several new-construction homes. All our projects are on the Gulf Coast, so our engineering requirements are significant. Working with the city and permits around engineering needs can be expensive and time-consuming. The JDSI team is very communicative and is smart and creative in coming up with practical solutions that fit our project and our budget. We have a partner in JDSI that we can trust to handle all our engineering needs, and we wouldn’t dream of looking elsewhere.

Joan and Melody Oelze

Testimonial 3

“This was our first time using JDSI and we were beyond impressed with their professionalism. They are very accommodating and are happy to walk you through the entire process step-by-step.”

Colleen Sharp